Kali River Rapids Closing for Refurbishment This January

Ride closures at Disney World are common, and one of the most popular attractions in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Kali River Rapids, is closing for a long refurbishment starting on January 9, 2023.

This is the second refurbishment announced today as we also got word that Big Thunder Mountian Railroad will also be closing in January 2023.

During the slower periods of the year, it’s typical for Disney World to close down some of its attractions for regular maintenance. This is especially true for water sights during the colder months.

If it has to close, then I’m happy it’s during this period when the weather is a bit cooler anyway and not in July when it feels great to get soaked!

Up to this point, there is no word of the Kali River Rapids refurbishment being anything more than normal maintenance.  We’ll keep you posted if the reopening is delayed any longer.

As the crowds start to die down a bit it gives the maintenance crews time to do necessary work on the rides to keep them in top shape and address any small issues they might be having.

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