Is Disney World still safe to visit right now?

Disney World officially reopened on July 11, 2020, but things have been anything but normal since COVID-19 forced Disney to change the way they run the parks over the last 2 years.

Walt Disney World is a very safe place. It’s called the most magical place on Earth. However, due to the current health crisis, people are asking, “Is Disney World still safe to visit right now?"

In this post, we are going to outline why safety is so important now in Walt Disney World and Disney’s overall stance on the subject.

Why is Safety So Important Now in Disney World?

Walt Disney World is generally considered a very safe vacation spot for families all across the world.

In fact, millions of people visit here every year with very few serious incidents ever happening. So why the concern now? That’s easy…a global health crisis.

Disney’s Stance Toward Safety Disney has been cooperating closely with local authorities and medical experts to figure out the best plan for the parks moving forward.

They have worked with authorities and put together a system to keep guests safe while visiting Disney World.

What Is Disney Doing to Keep Guests Safe Now? In order to keep guests safe, a new set of guidelines has been established which allows Disney Parks to operate, and keep guest exposure to a minimum.

Cooperating with Authorities Before Disney World reopened its parks, they worked closely with Florida’s Orange County authorities.

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