Is Disney World Safe in 2022?

It’s called the most magical place on Earth and in general, Walt Disney World is a very safe place.

In this story, we are going to outline why safety is so important now in Walt Disney World and Disney’s overall stance on the subject.

Why is Safety So Important Now in Disney World?

Millions of people visit here every year with very few serious incidents ever happening. So why the concern now? That’s easy…a global health crisis.

Disney’s Stance Toward Safety

In our decades of experience visiting Disney Parks, we’ve never felt like we were in any danger and feel Disney has done a good job taking care of its guests.

In order to keep guests safe, a new set of guidelines has been established which allows Disney Parks to operate, and keep guest exposure to a minimum.

What Is Disney Doing to Keep Guests Safe Now?

Obviously, Disney is going to keep cooperating with whatever guidelines the authorities are recommending.

Cooperating with Authorities

We’ve seen Disney continue to slowly increase up theme park capacity since reopening, that will continue to happen whenever Disney thinks it’s safe enough and other is enough demand.

Limited Attendance

Inside the parks, Disney has increased the sanitization and cleaning to make sure they are as safe as possible.

Increased Sanitization/Wiping Down

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