How to Rent DVC Points in 2024 and Why You Will Save Money

When it comes to taking a Disney vacation, people are always looking to save money, and one of the best-kept secrets to do that is by renting Disney Vacation Club (DVC) points.

It can help you to enjoy the very best Disney vacations at a much more reasonable price than booking straight from Disney.

In this story, we are going to cover everything you need to know about renting DVC points and how to save money doing it.

– Considerable savings – Nicer resorts – Better rooms and free laundry – Bigger Rooms

Advantages of Renting DVC Points

– Less availability – Smaller booking windows – Limited housekeeping – Further walks

Disadvantages of Renting DVC Points

STEP 1: Decide When You Want to Go Just like with booking a regular Disney World Resort Room, the cost of renting points is based on the time of the year.

How to Rent Disney Vacation Club Points

Saratoga Springs, Animal Kingdom Lodge, and Old Key West are the cheapest, so if you are doing Disney on a Budget, those are your best options.

STEP 2: Decide Which DVC Resort You Want to Stay at

Use a resource such as David’s Vacation Club Rentals, where they have a free points calculator to see the total amount of points and cost of a particular trip.

STEP 3: Figure Out the Cost of the Points

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