How to Make Disney World Park Pass Reservations | Full Guide

With Walt Disney World reopening, one of the biggest announcements recently has been the creation of a new Disney World Park Pass Reservation system.

At least for the foreseeable future, all visitors to The Walt Disney World theme parks will need to use the new Park Pass reservation system in order to secure a place in the parks.

NEWS 10/28/22 – We take a look at Disney CEO Bob Chapek’s latest comments about the Park Pass Reservation system and how it guarantees a great guest experience.

In the interview, Chapek claims that Park Pass “guarantee a great experience” for all guests.

(NEWS) Bob Chapek’s Latest Comments on Park Pass Reservation System and Guest Experience

According to Chapek, the Park Pass system prevents this since anyone going to a given park also needs a reservation for that day. So you know ahead of time if you will be given entrance or not.

Today if you log on to the Park Pass availability calendar you can see park pass reservations available from now through January 18, 2024.

Since the launch of the Park Pass system, reservations have been selling out very quickly, with many days filling up weeks and sometimes even months ahead of time for the various Reservation Tiers.

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