How to Make Disney World Park Pass Reservations | Complete Guide

With Walt Disney World reopening, one of the biggest announcements recently has been the creation of a new Disney World Park Pass Reservation system.

In this story, we will explain everything we know so far about the new park reservation system coming to Disney World including why Disney is using it, and how it works.

Since the launch of the Park Pass system, reservations have been selling out very quickly, with many days filling up weeks and sometimes even months ahead of time for the various Reservation Tiers.

This latest park pass update covers Summer 2022, starting in May and runs through July. Right away you will notice that despite the parks being much fuller and with long wait times almost every day.

Keeping a low capacity will help protect the safety of both guests and Cast Members.

Why is Disney World Implementing a Theme Parks Reservation System?

The good news is that Disney Park Reservations are FREE of charge. These park reservations do not replace your theme park admission but go along with it.

How Much Do Reservations Cost?

With the Park Pass System, your priority when booking your Disney vacation changes quite a bit from what you are used to.

New Disney Planning Priority

1. Check Availability for Reservations 2. Book Hotel Package + Tickets 3. Make Park Reservations 4. Book Airfare

Here is the recommend order when planning your Disney World trip:

Guests with existing Disney World hotel reservations, get priority over annual passholders and the regular public.

Who Can Make Reservations and When?

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