How to Get Big Discount Disney World Tickets

One of the most expensive parts of a Disney World vacation is the theme park tickets which can easily cost you thousands of dollars. So how do you get cheap Disney World tickets?

In this story, we'll share tips to obtain affordable Disney World tickets through current discount offers and future options via authorized resellers.

Magic Kingdom: $124 (plus tax)EPCOT: $114 (plus tax)Hollywood Studios: $124 (plus tax)Animal Kingdom: $109 (plus tax)

How Much is the Cheapest Disney Ticket?

In this section, we review a variety of different authorized resellers that are respected as having good reputations amongst the Disney community.

Where to Buy the Cheapest Disney World Tickets

Orlando Vacation is our preferred Disney World ticket reseller and they almost always offer the best deal on multi-day Disney tickets.

If you need multi-day tickets for more than 8-10 days, one of our favorite ticket sellers, Get Away Today.

Get Away Today

Undercover Tourist

A favorite amongst travelers, Undercover Tourist has renowned customer service, making it extremely simple and easy to purchase tickets.

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