How to Build a Droid, Pricing | Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

What is Droid Depot?

The Droid Depot is run by a tech-savvy Utai named Mubo who wants to share his knowledge of droid building with his visitors.

These are the ones outback behind the Droid Depot. You’ll probably recognize these R-series Astromech Droids which have been in many of the Star Wars films throughout the years.

Droid Types

There are multiple types of droids in the Droid Depot to build. Choose from model kits, pre-made droids and premium droids. These range in size.

Droid Pricing and Cost

So all of this sounds awesome, but how much it cost to build a droid in the Droid Depot? Swipe up to see the prices and what comes with your droid.

Once you pay, you will be given the blueprints to build your droid, and a basket to collect the parts in. Once you have these, head over to the parts station to start building.

Building your Droid

Once you select the type of droid you want, you’ll choose from a variety different droid parts which come to you on a conveyor belt.

Parts Station

What Can You Do with the Droids?

Right as you leave out the back door, there is a small courtyard where two more animatronic droids are waiting for you. You’ll have the chance to try out your newly built droid unit.

Can You Drive the Droids?

Even though they are remote controlled, you can’t drive the droids around wherever you like in Galaxy’s Edge.

If you really want to put your new custom droid down on the ground and race him around, Disney has installed a designated droid testing area near the Coca-Cola stand.

Designated Testing Area

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