How to Become a Disney Travel Agent

In this story, we are going to show you exactly what you need to know to become a Disney Travel Agent including all the perks and benefits you can get from being one.

We’ll cover how much you need to work, how much money Disney travel agents make, how you get paid, and what requirements you need to fulfill to make this your line of work.

Working as a Disney Travel Agent or Vacation Planner brings a number of tremendous benefits, especially if the agent is a big Disney fan. Here are some of our absolute favorite perks you get:

If you love Disney, there are a few things you can do that are more enjoyable than talking about and helping other Disney fans plan the trips of their lives!

Benefit #1 – Get Paid to Talk about Disney

While you do work for an agency as a Disney Travel Agent, you’re more or less your own boss.

Benefit #2 – Flexible Schedules

One of the beautiful things about being a Disney Travel Agent is that you’ll do the bulk of your work likely at your home and while on the computer.

Benefit #3 – Work from Home

There is no clock to punch or someone telling you exactly when you need to work.

Benefit #4 – Set Your Own Hours

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