Height Requirements for Disney World Rides

Even though the majority of the rides are accessible to all guests, some Disney World rides have height requirements for children to meet.

In this story, we will answer all your questions about height requirements at Disney World including a full list of all the rides that require a minimum height and those that don’t.

Disney takes safety very seriously in its theme parks and that is especially the case when going on a ride, making sure people are safe at all times.

Why Do Rides Have Height Requirements?

If your child is close to the minimum height requirement, they will be measured every time they get on that ride.

How Strict is Disney on Height Requirements?

Do All Disney Rides Have Height Requirements?

Common Disney World Height Requirements FAQs

No, not all attractions at Walt Disney World have height requirements.

That being said, if you are extremely tall, like a basketball player, there will be some rides that feel much more cramped than others.

Can You Be Too Tall for Disney World Rides?

While there are height restrictions on some rides at Walt Disney World, there are NOT any weight restrictions.

Are there Weight Limits on Disney World Rides?

Some people (like my wife), find some of the rides on this list too scary and intense to ride.

How Thrilling are Rides with Height Requirements?

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