Great Time to Visit Disney World 2024 & 2025 – Months Ranked

In this story, we’ll talk about the best times to go to Disney World in 2024 & 2025, though the majority of the information can be applied to planning your Disney trip in most years.

We rank each month from best to worst and break down some of our favorite weeks and days, and which ones to avoid.

If Easter is in March, April turns into one of the best months, with very low spring break crowds.


When the spring break crowds are gone, there is a dip in attendance before school is out and the Summer crowds start pouring in.



The good news is crowds are usually heavy in early August and then decrease drastically as Labor Day nears. This leads to low wait times on attractions and wonderful hotel discounts.


Weekdays are your best bests in October. On the plus side, the temperature is still hot during the day, but much cooler at night than in September.


The reasons why we love it include a great combination of crowds, weather, cost, and seasonal entertainment offerings.

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