Getting Groceries Delivered at Disney World | Tips & Guide

As you know, food can be really expensive at Walt Disney World, and after a week or more on vacation, those costs can really add up.

To counter that, getting groceries at Disney World is one of the best ways to save!

The first main option you have to get groceries at Disney World is through your Disney World Resort hotel.

Every gift shop inside the hotel’s lobby area has a little area where you can get simple things such as essentials and certain refrigerated things.

The second option you’ll have is getting the groceries yourself. With Walmarts and Publix Grocery Stores nearby, getting groceries around Walt Disney World Resort is convenient.

– Cost – Dietary Restrictions – Comforts from Home – Ease – Lighter Meals

Benefits of Grocery Delivery at Disney World

The different services allow you to utilize either a smartphone app or a website to order your list of groceries from their website.

Disney World Grocery Delivery Explained

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