Lightning Lane & Genie+ at Disney World

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This is our guide to Genie+ and Lightning Lanes, Disney’s permanent FastPass+ replacement.

Genie+ is a paid service that lets guests book reservations for attractions and skip waiting in line. It is Disney’s FastPass+ replacement and means guests now must pay to skip the standby queues.

This is not to be confused with the Disney Genie service which is free and included automatically in the My Disney Experience app.

Genie+ lets guests bypass the queue for a given attraction by giving them access to the Lightning Lanes.

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The Lightning Lane is the name for the physical entrance to attractions that allows you to skip the standby queue.  Lightning Lanes are the old FastPass+ entrances, just with a new name.

When you use the Genie+ service and redeem your reservation, you are sent through the Lightning Lane until arriving at the merge point with other guests before boarding the ride.

For that reason, you will often hear “Lightning Lane” reservations used to refer to a Genie+ reservation, because you are sent through the Lightning Lane.

Individual Lightning Lane Selections is a pay-per-ride service separate from Genie+ that allows you to skip the standby queue on select attractions.

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