What are the latest Walt Disney World Ticket Price Increases?

The latest increase in Disney World ticket prices affects Multi-Day tickets. Single-Day tickets for 2022 have not changed.

Depending on how many days your Multi-Day ticket is and when you are visiting, prices have increased for the base tickets from about $13-$49 per guest.

To give you some examples, the cheapest 5-Day Base Ticket increased $20.96 from $463.56 to $484.52. The cheapest 7-Day Ticket increased $19.04 from $492.06 to $511.10.

Multi-Day Ticket Price Increase

Disney World Base Theme Park Tickets 1-3 Day Tickets: Prices Unchanged 4-Day Tickets: before $434.83 – $596.74, now $447.70 – $596.74

Disney World Park Hopper Tickets 1 & 2-Day Tickets: Prices Unchanged 3-Day Tickets: before $415.77 – $555.88, now $416.37 – $555.88 4-Day Tickets: before $525.35 – $687.27, now $540.89 – $687.27

Single Ticket Prices

The previous jump in Disney World ticket prices last year affected: Single Date-based Theme Park Tickets and Multi-Day Theme Park Tickets for 2022.

Let’s look at 1-Day tickets first. The price range of tickets in 2021 is $109 – $159 The price range of tickets in 2022 is $109 – $159

A closer look on a month-by-month basis reveals that there are fewer $109 days in 2022 and most of the dates in 2022 are in a higher price slot within that range when comparing dates to 2021.

Why is there an increase?

The latest price increases are even more necessary for Disney in 2022 as the company had a major loss in revenue during the previous 2 years due to the current health crisis.

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