New EPCOT Changes & Expansion

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At the 2019 D23 Expo, Disney announced that Future World is being eliminated, and instead splitting up into 3 new neighborhoods. This took place in 2021.

Future World is now split into:

World Celebration –  From the entrance of the park through the center of old Future World, including Spaceship Earth and Innoventions areas.

World Nature –  What is currently Future World West and home of The Seas, The Land, and the Imagination! Pavilion.

World Discovery –  This is the old Future World East and where Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, the Play! pavilion, Mission: Space, and Test Track are located.

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New Attractions in EPCOT Before you even enter EPCOT, you will notice the completely overhauled entrance plaza.

Spaceship Earth also has new lights installed in between each of the panels on the outside of the structure for the new nighttime light show “Beacons of Magic.”

This change to Spaceship Earth will take your breath away. Make sure to go down that way once the sun goes down, and prepare to be amazed!

Club Cool Get ready to sip some Beverly once again, because Club Cool is officially back! The old location closed down in 2019, and even though it changed locations, the premise is still the same.

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