Early Theme Park Entry at Disney World | Guide & Info

Disney has recently introduced a new benefit for guests, “Early Theme Park Entry” which allows early access to The Walt Disney World theme parks.

Disney has confirmed that the Early Theme Park Entry perk for Walt Disney World Resort hotel guests will be available until the end of 2023.

Who Can Use Early Theme Park Entry?

Disney World Resort guests are the first ones to enjoy access to the attractions each day, giving them an advantage over guests not staying on Disney property.

Early Theme Park Entry can be used at ANY of the 4 Walt Disney World theme parks on ANY day of the week.

What Parks is it Good for and What Days?

We think that 60 minutes is a better deal, like the old Extra Magic Hours used to have.

How Early Can I Go to the Parks?

Magic Kingdom – “it’s a small world” – Astro Orbiter – Dumbo the Flying Elephant – Mad Tea Party – Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Early Theme Park Entry Attractions

Why the Change?

The obvious difference here between Extra Magic Hours and Early Theme Park Entry is the time difference and lack of evening hours.

Disney likely opted to chose this new program instead of Extra Magic Hours because it spreads around the crowds to all 4 parks, instead of one big mass of people converging on one park like before.

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