Droid Depot – How to Build a Droid | Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

In this story, we’re going to share with you everything you need to know about the droid depot in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge including how to build your own customizable droid unit.

Building a droid in Galaxy’s Edge is always one of the highlights of a visit either in Disney World or Disneyland!

Disney has just announced that the all-new Droid Depot mobile app is now available and it brings your custom-built droids to life right from home.

Droid Depot App Debuts, Interact w/ Droids at Home

You can also participate in adventures in the app in strategy mode! This allows you to play a game of tic-tac-toe with your droid in easy or difficult modes.

It’s located right next door to another awesome shop, Savi’s Workshop, which is where you go to build a lightsaber.


Droid Depot opens and closes with the Galaxy’s Edge every day, so there are no particular hours, just show up before the park closes and it’ll be open.

Hours of Operation

Droids are a huge part of Galaxy’s Edge and even before you enter the Droid Depot, is very clear where you are just by looking at the outside of the building and all the droids located there.

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