Disney’s Minnie Vans in Walt Disney World | Full Review & Info

In this story, we are going to explain everything you need to know about the Minnie Van transportation service.

We will tell you what Minnie Vans are, show you how to order one, and let you know if they are worth the cost.

The Minnie Van is another way of getting around Walt Disney World if you don’t want to be stuck waiting for Disney Transportation.

What is a Minnie Van?

With the Minnie Vans you can go wherever, and whenever you want with usually less than a 5 min wait for your ride.

The Minnie Vans will pick you up and bring you to any place on Walt Disney World property, 24/7, for a flat rate of $25.

So one of the best things about the Minnie Vans is the speed they arrive in. I didn’t wait more than 3 minutes once I hit the button and our driver arrived in front of the carport.

Another great feature of the Minnie Vans is the opportunity to get picked up and dropped off where other ride-sharing services can’t bring you, and even sometimes the Disney Buses too.

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