Disney’s Animal Kingdom After Reopening

Like the other parks, Disney’s Animal Kingdom is going to be a different experience in 2022 than what you are used to, but it may be our favorite park to visit during this time.

In this post, we are going to explain everything new and changed in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

We’ll let you know which attractions and rides are open, which restaurants you can eat at and what’s going on with the various entertainment choices in the park.

Safety Guidelines The first thing you need to know right now during the reopening phase is all the new safety measures Disney has put into place.

The most basic ones are: Increased cleaning and sanitation, wearing face masks, and Physical distancing in queues (this has been eliminated)

In all 4 Disney World theme parks, the maximum guest capacity for each park has been greatly reduced. Fewer people can enter the parks each day compared to normal park capacities.

Not Everything Open Even though Disney’s Animal Kingdom is currently open, not everything in the park is open right now.

Some attractions are not running and a few of the restaurants and food carts are not open. Also, entertainment options are not fully running with some shows not operating.

Recently Closed Attractions One of the bigger surprises after the Animal Kingdom reopened was that Disney has canceled 2 attractions, and they will be closed for good.

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