Disneyland Future Expansion Planned

“DisneylandForward” Updates & FAQs

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“DisneylandForward” as it is called, will be a big boost to the economy and provide new experiences at both the East and Western ends of the Disneyland resort.

What is Disneyland Forward?

It is Disney’s pitch to the city of Anaheim for new entertainment, shopping and attractions to further expand the resort.

It’s important to note that the plans don’t include expanding the size of Disneyland, just to better utilize the current space.

The total land remains at 500 acres, it will just be distributed in a different way and with a better flowing layout.

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In the California Adventure area it looks like there could be some kind of roller coaster, a boat ride and there is even room for a dark ride or two.

In the Disneyland Park section we can see a few smaller attractions, more mountains and water features.

Downtown Disney Expansion

We can also see in the concept art, the Downtown Disney district is getting an expansion in the middle of the West Side expansion.

Is Disneyland Building a New Hotel?

Right now Disney hasn’t made any specific announcements about a new hotel coming to Disneyland, but one is clearly in the concept art over at the Eastside project.

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Disneyland Future Expansion Planned | “DisneylandForward” Updates & FAQs

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