Disney World Tickets Guide (2022-2023)

One of the most important steps in planning your trip to Walt Disney World is getting your theme park tickets!

And with the wide variety of them available, it is confusing when deciding which ones to buy. That’s where our Disney World Ticket Buying Guide comes in!

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You can purchase Walt Disney World tickets as part of your Disney vacation package with your resort hotel, or you can buy them separately by themselves.

How Disney World Tickets Work in 2022?

Purchasing the more expensive tickets with the Park Hopper option allows you to visit as many of the 4 Disney World parks as you’d like during each day of your trip.

Disney World Tickets also include access to Disney transportation including parking trams, ferry boats, buses, the Disney Skyliner, and more!

What’s Included in Disney World Tickets?

Keep in mind that purchasing Disney World tickets does not give you access to everything. Special Disney events can often be referred to as ‘Hard-ticket Events’ and will require additional cost.

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