Disney World Table Service To Go | Tips & Instructions for Using

In the story, we are going to share with you how to use the new Disney Table Service To Go and why you’ll find it especially helpful right now.

Since Table Service To Go is brand new, we caution you that there might be a few bugs in the program, and Disney is going to continue making improvements and adding new features.

It’s basically Disney Mobile Order for table service restaurants.

What is Table Service To Go in Disney World?

Everything is done on your mobile phone and you just need to go pick it up. That’s it!

Benefits of Using Table Service To Go

Disney World Resorts – Kona Cafe – Sanaa – The Wave… of American Flavors

Which Restaurants Use Table Service To Go?

How to Use Table Service To Go at Disney World

1. Open the App and Disney Mobile Orders.

Scroll down and select a restaurant. In this case, we chose “Sanaa To Go.”

2. Select Restaurant

3. Select Arrival Window

Here you will see a selection of available times you can pick up your food order.

Browse through the menu and select any food and drink options you want to order.

4. Select Food and Build Order

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