Disney World Refurbishment Schedule & Ride Closures

Nothing is worse than spending hours upon hours planning your trip to Walt Disney World, only to find out your favorite attraction is under refurbishment.

That’s why we created this Disney World Refurbishments and Closure schedule, which will help you know what’s open and what’s closed.

In this post, we will look at all 4 theme parks at Walt Disney World and let you know the refurbishment calendar and which rides are closed in each park.

Why does Disney do refurbishments to rides? As much as we don’t like them, attraction refurbishments are necessary from time to time.

With the millions of people that ride these attractions each year, eventually, they break down and need fixing.

What Disney World rides will be closed?

Disney’s Magic Kingdom is going to be the centerpiece for Disney World’s 50th Anniversary, so there will be a lot of attraction refurbishments around the park from now through early 2022.

EPCOT This is the park in Disney World with the most refurbishments at the time, which is understandable considering the massive transformation project EPCOT is currently undergoing.

Hollywood Studios just recently went through a ton of new construction and now most projects are being done in other parks. No big refurbishments are scheduled for the time being.

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