Disney World Park Pass Reservation System | Complete Guide

Since Walt Disney World reopened, one of the biggest additions has been the creation of the new Disney World Park Pass Reservation system.

In this story, we'll cover all you need to know about Walt Disney World's park reservation system, including its purpose, functionality, and current pass availability.

(NEWS) Walt Disney World Removing Park Pass Reservations for Most Ticket Types in 2024

Now it finally looks like guests are going to get their way as Walt Disney World is removing the theme park reservation system for guests with date-based tickets in 2024.

It’s important to note that theme park reservations will still be required for all tickets through January 8, 2024.

So if you are visiting between now and then, you will still need a park reservation on top of your regular theme park ticket if you want to enter.

So which ticket types need a park reservation in 2024 and which ones won’t? No Theme Park Reservation Required – Date-based 1-Day Tickets – Date-based Multi-Day Tickets

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