Disney World Hurricanes – Closures and What to Do During a Storm

Being located in Central Florida, Walt Disney World is going to get hit by hurricanes or strong storms from time to time.

In recent years, Hurricanes Matthew, Irma, Dorian and Ian have all had an impact on the parks, causing closures and delays.

(Update 8/29/23): Florida is bracing for another big storm as Tropical Storm Idalia is now a Category 1 Hurricane and is making its way through the Gulf of Mexico toward Florida’s West Coast.

The National Weather Service has now issued a Tropical Storm Warning for the Walt Disney World area ahead of Hurricane Idalia’s arrival in the next couple of days.

Current models show it is to become a Category 3 hurricane by Wednesday morning with which means winds of 111-129 mph.

Areas of urban flooding are expected across the coast of Florida, the Florida Panhandle, and southern Georgia Tuesday into Wednesday.

So far no park closures have been announced but Disney has waived the change/cancellation fees for guests who want to modify their upcoming trip. We’ll keep you updated as the storm gets closer.

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