Disney World Complete Guide: Purchasing Genie Plus

Genie+ has changed how guests visit Disney World, but many ask: "How do I buy Genie+?"

In this story, we are going to show you step-by-step how to purchase Disney Genie Plus, and then how to make Lightning Lane ride selections using it.

(UPDATE) Big Pricing Change Coming to Genie+ June 27

Starting June 27, Walt Disney World is introducing park-specific pricing for Genie+ with both Single-Park and Multiple-Parks options available to guests.

Here are the example prices for June 27:

Multiple Parks: $27 per person – Magic Kingdom: $27 per person – Hollywood Studios: $24 per person – EPCOT: $18 per person – Animal Kingdom: $16 per person

The other big change to take note of is that there are both single and multiple park options for Genie+.

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