2022 Walt Disney World Annual Passes

First of all, the Walt Disney World annual passes have 4 tiers, each with different blackout dates, perks, and of course price levels.

The new Disney World Annual Passes are: Disney Pixie Dust Pass Disney Pirate Pass Disney Sorcerer Pass Disney Incredi-Pass

Some of the highlights for annual pass types include:

More Park Reservations: Depending on their pass type, Passholders can now hold up to five Disney Park Pass reservations at a time.

Annual Pass Add-Ons:  Different add-on options are available for purchase with any of the 4 annual passes according to your preferences.

New Integrated Calendar: A new calendar will let guests easily see blockout dates for each pass type.

Making Park Pass Reservations

Park Pass reservations for annual passholders can be made either on the Walt Disney World website or in the My Disney Experience app.

As an annual passholder, you will then be brought to a screen where you will then choose between regular park pass reservations, or park pass reservations for guests.

You then select the date and the park you want to visit:

Review and then confirm your reservation:

Current Passholders If you are a current passholder, you may be wondering what happens now with all these changes. Guests may continue using their existing annual pass until its expiration.

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