disney skyliner  gondola guide-map,route, air cooling,and future expansion map

We’ve had a chance to ride the Disney Skyliner for ourselves, and it has definitely become our preferred way of traveling to and from the parks.

What is the Disney Skyliner Gondola System?

The Disney Skyliner Gondolas are a transportation system in Walt Disney World, roughly based on the old Disney Skyway buckets at the Magic Kingdom.

It offers guests some of the best views in Walt Disney World, carrying them high above the treeline and even passing over some of the hotels.

These are built to carry guests from hotels to parks and are an alternative to the Disney bus system or other forms of public transportation.

Disney Skyliner Stations: Where Does the Disney Skyliner Go?

During its initial launch, there are 6 Skyliner stations and it goes to the following locations:

Can I Stay On the Skyliner When I Arrive at a Station?

Yes and No. When you arrive at an end-of-the-line station (Art of Animation/Pop Century or Epcot) you aren’t allowed to stay on.

Do I have to Get Back in Line When I Transfer?

The lines are there in the station, so you pick where you want to go and get in that line. No line cutting.

What is it like When the Skyliner Slows Down and Stops?

You definitely can feel the motion when the gondolas take off. The slow down from the fast speed go from 11 mph to about 2 mph in a short time.