Disney Skyliner Gondola Guide – Map, Route, and Air Conditioning

We are excited to share all the details with you including a full tour inside and outside of the Disney Skyliner Gondola cars, the air-cooling system, the future expansion map, route data and more!

Think of this as everything you need to know before riding the Disney Skyliner Gondolas in Disney World. Our goal with this story is to give you all the information before riding the Disney Skyliner.

The Disney Skyliner Gondolas are the newest transportation system in Walt Disney World, roughly based on the old Disney Skyway buckets at the Magic Kingdom.

What is the Disney Skyliner Gondola System?

They are designed by the Doppelmayr Garaventa Group which is an Austrian company that manufactures chairlifts, gondolas and cable cars for ski and amusement parks.

– EPCOT Park – Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort – Disney’s Riviera Resort – Disney’s Art of Animation Resort – Turn Station

Disney Skyliner Stations

Disney is not allowing guests to ride continuously without getting off. Once you arrive at one of these locations you have to exit the Skyliner.

Can I Stay On the Skyliner When I Arrive at a Station?

The Skyliner is deceptively fast and has a fast acceleration. You definitely can feel the motion when the gondolas take off and they rock a bit.

What is it like When the Skyliner Slows Down and Stops?

Can Guests Get Off at the Riviera Resort Station?

If guests want to get out at the Riviera station, they need to let the cast members know at the station, and they will let you out.

We’ve created a map for you to follow to see the exact route of the Disney Skyliner showing all 6 stations.

Disney Skyliner Route Map:

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