Disney Disability Pass Guide (DAS) & How to Qualify

Walt Disney World was created for all guests to be able to enjoy, even if they have some physical limitations.

In this story, we are going to explain everything you need to know about the Disney Disability pass (DAS) and how to use it to skip the long lines in the parks.

What is Disney Disability Access Service (DAS)?

Using this service for family members can enhance the trip's comfort without compromising the Disney experience.

This allows guests to be able to enter a ride WITHOUT having to get in the standard standby line that they otherwise would need to wait in.

How Does the Disney Disability Pass Work?

What DAS Pass Does For You

The DAS Pass can be used on different rides, attractions, and even meet and greets with the Disney Characters.

It’s important to know this is NOT a way for you to jump the standby line without having to wait. It’s not like Genie+.  You will have to wait, just not in the queue.

What DAS Does NOT Do For You

How Long is the Disney World Disability Pass Good For?

The DAS Pass is only valid for guests up to 60 days.

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