When Will the Disney Dining Plan Return to Disney World?

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The Disney Dining Plan is one of the most popular guest offerings when visiting Walt Disney World, but since the parks have reopened it has been unavailable.

So before we talk about when it might be coming back, let’s start with some of the basics and what exactly the Disney Dining Plan is, and how it normally works.

Disney Dining Plan, it is a service that guests staying at any Walt Disney World Resort Hotel can add with their vacation package that allows them to pay ahead for their meals throughout the trip.

Guests pay per person, per night of their stay and are then given an allotment of dining credits they can spend throughout the vacation on food and drinks.

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Credits are broken down into three categories: sit-down meals, counter service meals and snacks. Each category of meal requires you to “spend” a certain number of points in order to order that food.

When the parks first reopened in 2020, Disney announced they were canceling all booked Dining Plan packages through the end of 2020.

The first reason is many of the restaurants were closed when the parks reopened.

The good news is that the Disney Dining Plan is returning to Walt Disney World at a future date and it has not been eliminated permanently, only suspended temporarily.

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