Disney After Hours Events Will be Back in 2023

After almost 3 years, the popular Disney After Hours Events are back at Walt Disney World and new dates have been added for Winter 2023 and Early Spring 2023.

In this story, we will explain everything you need to know about these awesome Disney After Hours events. We'll explain what they are, where they are located, and what you can expect when you visit.

(UPDATE 9/30/22): Disney has recently added new Disney After Hours dates for Winter 2023 and Spring 2023. The new dates that have been added are for Disney’s Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

What’s Included in Disney After Hours Events?

Since there is a limited number of guests in the park, wait times are significantly decreased during After Hours.


Besides attractions, Disney After Hours guests also get free snacks such as Ice Cream Treats, Popcorn, Select Beverages, and Water.


Early Entry

If you have a ticket for Disney After Hours you can get into the park a few hours before the official opening begins.

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