D23 Expo 2022 Floor Tour

The 2022 D23 Expo has begun, and one of our favorite parts is always wandering the show floor and checking out all the pavilions with new displays of everything new coming to the parks and films.

We woke up early Friday morning and headed down to the convention center to check out all the pavilions, and it may be even better than the last event.

It was way too big to include everything in just one story, but we’ve packed in the best of the best for you here so that you can feel like you are there with us on the floor. Let’s take a look…

The first thing you notice on your way to the front door is the incredible Walt Disney 100th Anniversary statue at the entrance, led by Mickey Mouse himself!


If you have been to an expo before, then the setup will look very familiar. All of the pavilions are set up on the floor in a grid with walkways in between each of them to walk from one to the other.

The convention center is HUGE and you can easily get lost. We recommend using the map on the D23 Expo app to find what you are looking for and the quickest way to get there!

This is a sample of some of The Walt Disney Company’s most important memorabilia from its films and parks.

Walt Disney Archives 100th Anniversary – Step in Time

First up is Steamboat Willie. You can get up into the ship which is a great spot for a photo.

Let’s take a look at some of its displays…

Next is memorabilia and photo ops from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

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