Complete Guide to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Food & Restaurant

In this story, we'll provide an overview of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Food and Dining options, including restaurants, dining locations, and the best and worst food and drink choices available.

Reading about all the food before Galaxy’s Edge opened and then actually trying it all after the fact was a completely different experience.

It’s a spicy sausage, wrapped by a moist pork loin, topped with coleslaw and peppercorn sauce, and then held together by a pita wrap.

1. Ronto Wrap – Ronto Roasters

2. Outer Rim – Oga’s Cantina

Margaritas are my favorite mixed drink, and the Outer Rim from Oga’s Cantina is one of the most unique and tastiest margaritas you will have in Disney World.

This is a cream puff filled with a raspberry cream and then topped with a passion fruit mousse.

3. Oi-oi Puff – Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo

This is absolutely one of the best food choices in Galaxy’s Edge and you should try it whether you are vegetarian or not.

4. Felucian Garden Spread – Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo

It has a lemonade and cotton candy flavor, but the blueberry popping pearls underneath and the crystalized dry fruit on top make it irresistible!

5. Oga’s Obsession – Oga’s Cantina

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