Club Cool Now Open in EPCOT's World Celebration

Many will be happy to know that Club Cool has now reopened in EPCOT in the new World Celebration and it has a whole new soda lineup!

Club Cool has been a fixture of EPCOT’s Future World for decades, and it’s comforting to know that it will remain a big part of the EPCOT transformation project, even before it’s complete.

Since Club Cool is a fan-favorite and has quite the following, when we went on opening day there was a huge line formed outside the store.

Arriving at Club Cool

The color scheme for Club Cool is very simple, red and white. It has big open windows on the back wall which makes the space very bright and easy to see.

Inside the Store

There is a big display in the center of the store with Coca-Cola hats, shirts, pants, and tumblers.


There are 6 soda stations in Club Cool and each one is self-serve. When it is your turn in line simply walk up to one of the machines, take a disposable paper cup, and start drinking.

Soda Tasting

The cool part about trying soda at Club Cool is that the flavors are from all around the world and not the normal soda flavors found in the United States.

Soda Flavors

Viva Raspberry is probably our favorite flavor that we tried. It’s sweet, but not overly, and with a little tartness as well.

Viva Raspberry – Moldova

We didn’t know what to expect with a cucumber-flavored soda. We enjoy water with a cucumber flavor, but sometimes it can be overpowering. This was not at all that way.

Sprite Cucumber – Russia

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