Car Rental Options at Disney World and Orlando

During the Disney World vacation planning process, a big question you need to answer is: “Should you rent a car at Disney World?”

After all, deciding how to get around Disney World and whether or not to rely on Disney transportation will make a huge impact on your budget and schedule flexibility.

From July 22nd to July 29th the median rate was about:$58 day for a mid-size vehicle $69 per day for a minivan.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Car at Disney World?

The easiest and best of the options is the Disney World Car Care Center. We frequently use this location, especially when only requiring a car rental for a part of our trip.

Disney World Car Care Center

Free Shuttles & Pick-Up Service

Disney World Resorts offer complimentary shuttle service to the Car Care Center facility, by calling the main line at 407-824-3470 and utilizing extension #1.

You are Staying Off-Site Having a car can give you so much more flexibility when staying off-site, especially when visiting the parks multiple days while off-site.

Reasons to Rent a Car at Disney World

Explore Outside Disney

Visiting these locations and more would be incredibly inefficient without a car, forcing you to rely on others to get you to where you want to go.

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