Breathtaking Magic Kingdom Rides & Attractions Guide (2024)

This story is a guide to the best rides and attractions at Disney’s Magic Kingdom park in Walt Disney World.

It covers the complete list of attractions, which ones you absolutely must do during your trip, which ones to prioritize, and the ones you can just skip.

From boat rides to roller coasters, dark rides, and shows, the Magic Kingdom is full of choices.

You will pass through all the lands in the Magic Kingdom (except Liberty Square), giving you a preview of what to expect.

Walt Disney World Railroad (7.5/10)

It is the quintessential Disney dark ride taking guests in a boat through a fictional port town being overrun by pirates.

Pirates of the Caribbean (10/10)

You’ll see animals like lions, hippos, elephants, and tigers along the journey, and you’ll also run into danger.

Jungle Cruise (8/10)

The ride takes you from the city of London, all the way to Neverland where you see all the main characters from the film.

Peter Pan’s Flight (9/10)

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