Boardwalk Inn Resort Changes & Refurbishment

In this story, we are going to explain everything we know so far about the refurbishment coming to Disney’s Boardwalk Inn and what is included in the project.

The excellent dining options and whimsical charm of this property are usually the main reasons why guests stay there.

This is the biggest news. The Cake Bake Shop is a new table service restaurant and bakery all in one.

The Cake Bake Shop

The ESPN Zone was one of our favorite locations to watch a sporting event, like watching the Super Bowl in Disney World, a basketball game, or basically any sport.

Most of the current restaurants on the Boardwalk are remaining, so no need to worry about Flying Fish or Trattoria al Forno going away.

Remaining Restaurants

In its description, Disney said that the resort will have “light and airy touches” added to the lobby, lounge, and guest rooms.

New Boardwalk Guest Rooms & Lobby

Disney has not yet given a starting date for the Boardwalk Inn renovation. We are expecting the project to get underway in 2022.

When is the Project Starting?

Yes, the Boardwalk Inn will remain operational during the renovation. They will just focus on one area at a time.

Is the Boardwalk Inn Staying Open During These Changes?

Right now we don’t even have a start date for the project, let alone an end date. The only thing we know is The Cake Bake Shop will be open in 2023.

When Will the Boardwalk Inn Refurbishment End?

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