Big Thunder Mountain Refurbishment in Disney's Magic Kingdom

It's refurbishment season at Walt Disney World, and this time, the beloved Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is closing. When exactly is it happening?

This story discusses the upcoming refurbishment of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in Disney's Magic Kingdom, covering its schedule and potential project inclusions.

(UPDATE 12/15/23): Disney recently scheduled a brief refurbishment for Big Thunder Mountain from January 16, 2024, to January 20, 2024, with reopening on January 21, 2024.

Disney has not mentioned what this refurbishment is for, but it appears to be just regular maintenance and not something bigger or adding any additional show elements to enhance the ride.

Rumors of a bigger refurbishment for Big Thunder Mountain have been going around for years, but they have not yet been realized.

Because of budget cuts, however, that project never took place and Big Thunder Mountain is only getting regular maintenance done at this time.

It would eventually be nice to see an addition like the one Imagineers planned, and it would bring one of the guests’ favorite attractions up-to-date.

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