Big Thunder Mountain Refurbishment at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

It's refurbishment season at Walt Disney World, and this time, the beloved Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is closing. When exactly is it happening?

This story discusses the upcoming refurbishment of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in Disney's Magic Kingdom, covering its schedule and potential project inclusions.

(UPDATE 5/9/24): Disney is planning a huge refurbishment for Big Thunder Mountain with the attraction closing for as much as one full year.

Extended work is needed to keep the popular Magic Kingdom coaster running for years to come.

Disney has not yet officially announced the Big Thunder Mountain refurb, but we are expecting plans to be announced shortly including the closure date and the work that will be done.

Although Big Thunder Mountain has had minor repairs in recent years, its last major refurbishment was in 2012, making the current extensive work necessary.

The more recent refurbishments were only for regular maintenance and not something bigger or adding any additional show elements to enhance the ride.

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