Big E-Ticket Avengers Ride Coming to Disney Adventure

A few years ago at the D23 Expo, we learned so much about the new Avengers Campus initiative that’s being rolled out to Disney Parks worldwide including California, Hong Kong, and Paris.

Now at this year’s D23 Expo we also got confirmation of a brand-new big E-Ticket Avengers attraction coming to California as part of its Phase 2.

During the Disney Legends presentation, Disney CEO Bob Chapek confirmed that Avengers Campus is expanding and adding a third attraction to its lineup.

(UPDATE 9/9/22)

Not too much new info has been given at this time except that this new Avengers attraction is going to be based on the multiverse.

There Chapek talked about some of the announced projects that have been put on hold, including the Avengers Quinjet attraction originally scheduled for Disney California Adventure.

Many feared that the ground-breaking Avengers attraction would never see the light of day. After Chapek’s comments, that no longer seems to be the case.

It was here that Chapek initially confirmed that Disney still has plans to build the Avengers ride at California Adventure.

After the news at the D23 Expo though, it looks like Disney is really going to prioritize bringing this 3rd attraction to Avengers Campus.

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