Best (& Worst) Snacks – 2023 EPCOT Food and Wine Festival

The 2023 EPCOT Food and Wine Festival is here and with 32 different Food Marketplaces and many different snack options, it’s hard to know what to get.

We put together a list of the Best Snacks from the EPCOT Food and Wine Festival so you know exactly what to order and what to avoid when you head over to EPCOT!  

1. Remy Liege Waffle (Connections Café & Connections Eatery)

The actual dough of the waffle is pretty much the same. It still has that thick and crispy exterior, yet moist on the inside.

2. Feijoada: Pork Belly (Brazil)

The pork belly itself was done to perfection. A golden, crispy exterior, and a succulent and tender inside.

Just think of the best handmade potato chips, warmed up in the oven and topped with an incredibly juicy and flavorful corned beef.

3. Smoked Corned Beef with Crispy Potatoes (Flavors From Fire)

It’s a big portion of chicken and served with fennel-spiced yogurt and two pieces of naan bread. The chicken was really tender and the sauce was very flavorful too.

4. Chicken Tikka Masala (India)

The Italian Hot Beef Sandwich was delicious and exactly like you’d get in Chicago.

5. Italian Hot Beef Sandwich (Flavors of America)

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