Best Snacks at Magic Kingdom (Savory and Sweet) and the Worst

Let’s be honest, when you walk through the entrance of Disney’s Magic Kingdom you’re thinking about what rides to do, and what yummy treats to eat!

In fact, I always make a list of the best snacks at Magic Kingdom because no matter how many times you go, there is always some new ice cream, pretzel or sweet treat or an old favorite to go back for.

If you are looking for something savory and a bit spicy, then head over to Westward Ho for the Jalapeño Poppers.

Jalapeño Poppers – Westward Ho

Some will serve the basic churros with chocolate dipping sauce, but other locations will have specialty versions, especially when there is an event going on.

Churros – Various locations

The strawberry Dole Whip is light, refreshing and just slightly tart and the “blue” soft-serve is blueberry-flavored.

Aurora Cone (Strawberry Dole Whip & Blue Soft-serve) – Storybook Treats

I personally like the ones that have the Mickey shape because they are so adorable and Instagrammable.

Candy Apples – Main Street Confectionery or Big Top Souvenirs

Sticky Bubble Bread – The Lunching Pad

This snack is a sweet bread rolled in cinnamon, caramel, and warm spices.

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