Best Restaurants at the Animal Kingdom

Riding attractions all day and exploring this amazing park sure makes you hungry and that’s why we’ve come up with a ranking of the Best Restaurants at the Animal Kingdom.

In this post, we’re going to share with your the best Animal Kingdom restaurants and what to order when you go there.

Nomad Lounge This is a lounge attached to Tiffins Restaurant and is great for ordering small plates and drinks.

The menu puts its own unique twist on appetizers such as sliders, bread service, bowls, and churros. The drinks are awesome and there's a wide variety of cocktails, beer, and wine to choose from.

Satu’li Canteen The atmosphere is cool and is themed after a mess hall used by Alpha Centauri Expeditions. There is both outdoor and indoor seating so take your pick.

In a park filled with unique and interesting food, Satu’li Canteen stands out. The create-your-own-bowl concept was an incredible idea that guests immediately responded to.

Tiffins Restaurant This is a top 10-15 restaurant in Disney World and it has the perfect balance of food and theming.

Many people don’t have Tiffins at number one overall because of the price. And while it is not a cheap restaurant, especially by theme park standards, it’s worth it.

This is the highest quality food at the Animal Kingdom, nothing else comes close. The dishes are all elaborately presented and taste amazing.

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