Best Magic Kingdom Rides & Attractions Guide

Many people have the idea the park is full of attractions that are only for kids, and while there are a bunch of those, there is a ride for every member of the family.

In fact, the Magic Kingdom has more rides than any other Walt Disney World theme park, and even in a whole day, you won’t get to see it all.

In this post, we are going to give you a full list of all the Magic Kingdom attractions including traditional rides, shows, entertainment options, and experiences.

Best Rides at the Magic Kingdom There are so many things to see and do at the Magic Kingdom that it can seem overwhelming if you don’t have a plan.

In order to make the best of your time, you need to focus on the best rides first, then if you have time get to the other ones.

The best rides at Disney’s Magic Kingdom in order are: 1. Splash Mountain 2. Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Space Mountain 4. Big Thunder Mountain     Railroad 5. The Haunted Mansion

6. Tomorrowland Transit     Authority People mover 7. Peter Pan’s Flight 8. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train 9. Jungle Cruise 10. Walt Disney’s Carousel of        Progress

Before your visit, make sure to read the Disney World Ride Height req. so you know ahead of time which rides your children can go on. Let’s take a more in-depth look at all the Magic Kingdom rides.

Main Street Vehicles (5/10)Ride Type: Slow Car Ride – Thrill Level: Low – Good For: All Ages – Genie+: No – Ride Length: N/A – Height Requirement: No

It’s a pretty cool sensation riding up and down Main Street in one of these, making you feel right out of the turn of the century.

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