Best Magic Kingdom Rides & Attractions Guide (2022)

This story is a guide to the best rides and attractions at Disney’s Magic Kingdom park in Walt Disney World.

It covers the complete list of attractions, which ones you absolutely must do during your trip, which ones to prioritize, and the ones you can just skip.

Not too much has changed at Disney’s Magic Kingdom in the last few years, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still dozens of great rides you and your family will love!

There are 25 actual rides at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World. There are a total of 34 attractions but there are only 25 rides in a moving vehicle.

How Many Rides are there at Disney’s Magic Kingdom?

It’s a pretty cool sensation riding up and down Main Street in one of these, making you feel right out of the turn of the century.

Main Street Vehicles (5/10)

The Walt Disney World Railroad takes you on a relaxing trip around the entire border of the Magic Kingdom park.

Walt Disney World Railroad (7.5/10)

Pirates of the Caribbean is perhaps our favorite Disney ride of all time and the inspiration for the popular film franchise.

Pirates of the Caribbean (10/10)

Jungle Cruise is a slow boat ride with show scenes taking you through the jungles from around the world.

Jungle Cruise (8/10)

If you like the audio-animatronics featured in attractions throughout the park, you should know it all started with the Enchanted Tiki Room.

Enchanted Tiki Room (6.5/10)

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