Best Disney World Stroller Rentals

Anyone who has been to Walt Disney World will tell you to put on your most comfortable shoes because there is A LOT of walking required.

And though this may be doable for most adults, kids can really have a hard time which means renting a stroller at Disney World.

In this story, we'll explore stroller options in Walt Disney World, including rental sources, cost-saving tips, and park usage.

1. Bring your own 2. Rent directly from Disney 3. Rent from a third-party company 4. Buy one upon arrival to Orlando

Rental Options

Strollers are essential for most kids if you want to spend long days in the parks! Even for older kids that likely can’t handle the strenuous walking, it’s worth considering.

How It Works

Trust me, the Disney World parks are BIG, and with families easily walking 15,000 steps a day, most little ones can’t seamlessly walk 8-12 miles on their own.

Do My Kids Really Need a Stroller?

Single Stroller (Recommended for children 50 lbs or less): $15 per day, $13 for multi-days.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Stroller at Disney World?

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