Best Character Dining at Disney World | Ranked

Looking for the best character meals at Walt Disney World? Meeting Disney characters during a meal is a must-do highlight at Walt Disney World.

In this story, we are going to share with you all the best character meals at Walt Disney World including breakfast, lunch and dinner, and rank them from best to worst.

It’s a more relaxed environment that allows you to fully enjoy your meal without feeling rushed.

1. Topolino’s Terrace

You’ll literally slowly rotate along the perimeter of the attraction ‘Living with the Land’ as you enjoy your meal.

2. Garden Grill

3. Tusker House

With consistently good food, great service, and reasonable prices, it’s hard to go wrong with Tusker House. We trust that you will find some great things in the buffet stations!

The restaurant does a fantastic job of making it a delightful character meal while also having really good food, which is themed brilliantly.

4. Story Book Dining at Artist Point

5. Cape May Cafe

The price here is very reasonable and it’s one of the more affordable options on our list, making the price-to-quality ratio here very good.

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