Big E-Ticket Avengers Ride Coming to Disney California Adventure

Back at the most recent D23 Expo, we learned so much about the new Avengers Campus initiative that’s being rolled out to Disney Parks worldwide including California, Hong Kong, and Paris.

The Marvel Lands called Avengers Campus will be rolled out in two phases in Disney California Adventure.

Phase 1 included a Spider-Man attraction, a Doctor Strange experience, and a Pym Technology quick-service restaurant. Phase one of Avengers Campus opened in 2021.

Phase 2 on the other hand includes the aforementioned Avengers E-Ticket ride that we just got a whole bunch of new information about.

If you visit Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure, you can see the facade of the attraction building that will house this ride.

In the Avengers ride, you will go into a Quinjet and fly alongside the Avengers, using an all-new ride system that Disney Imagineering is currently working on.

You and the other guests fly onboard the Quinjet to Wakanda and you have to team up with the Avengers in order to save the world from one of the most powerful villains they’ve ever come across.

They didn’t say who that villain is going to be, maybe because it’s a new villain we haven’t yet seen in the MCU and will be a part of Phase 4 or beyond.

Guests will have to use their superpowers in order to defeat this enemy and save the day.

They also mentioned working alongside your fellow Avengers, so it sounds like some teamwork is going to be involved in order to complete the mission.

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