Amazing Snacks at Hollywood Studios

There are so many great treats to enjoy in the Disney Parks, that sometimes the best ones slip through the cracks.

That’s why we’ve made our list of the Best Snacks at Hollywood Studios so you will have the complete guide of what to eat when visiting.

Think of the best peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and then blend it up with ice cream and that’s the flavor going on here. Yes, that really does taste great!

PB and J Milkshake – 50’s Prime Time Cafe

We have another treat you need to try, the Glimmer and Shimmer Blondie over at Fairfax Fare. If you like caramel and toffee, this one is for you!

Glimmer and Shimmer Blondie – Fairfax Fare

It’s totally worth trying though as the soft carrot cake cookie is the perfect covering for the sweet cream cheese frosting on the inside.

Carrot Cake Cookie – Trolly Car Cafe

Forget Starbucks, when you go to Hollywood Studios, THE best coffee in the park is the Cold Brew Black Caf.

Cold Brew Black Caf – Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo

Funnel Cakes – Epic Eats

There are multiple flavors you can choose from strawberries and vanilla ice cream, cookies and cream, or the regular funnel cake with powdered sugar.

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